Slobodan Zivic

Slobodan Zivic

Designer + Creative 

By Karin Idering


Slobodan Zivic is a Stockholm-based creative and graphic designer that works with mixing visual elements with sound, visual branding for artists, direction and exhibitions, among many other things. 

I visited him in his studio at Södermalm on the snowiest day in Swedish History, to talk to him about inspirations and to see his workspace. Have a look, and find more of his work below.


The Big 5

Slobodan’s Top Inspirations

Jean-Louis Huhta

Creates art of music and vice versa. 


Nicole Eisenman

Creates contemporary fine art and color without it being too polished, while being innovative. 


Sensitive Kids Club

They create streetwear that is unique and friendly, with a good message and great design.
Consistent and stylish.


Eva Mag

Smart, stylish and innovative, she doesn’t get stuck in just one material or expression.


Mamma Andersson

Loaded portraits, rooms and landscapes, both mysterious, dark and beautiful.


See more of Slobodan’s work and read about his projects here


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