Nicholas Keays

Nicholas Keays

Digital Artist

By Karin Idering

Melbourne-based artist Nicholas Keays mixes 3D animations and design in a really unique way. Have a look at his work and top five inspirations below. 

The Big 5

Nick’s Top Inspirations

Christian Rex Van Minnen

I appreciate the abstract forms that have been developed, also the earthy undertones that have been achieve via the use of an extensive variety of colour.

Robert Beatty 

Robert Beatty is a major inspiration due to his use of digital media to create organic shapes and forms, I also appreciate the aesthetic of his work for the airbrush qualities that are consistent throughout.


Toshio Saeki

Toshio Saeki uses strong line work and vibrant colours to create beautiful images despite his hyper erotic nightmare themes, this stands out to me as a form of juxtaposing something beautiful and something taboo.


David Rudnick

David Rudnick has an extremely clean finessed style in which he creates his designs whilst dipping into interesting/changing themes as reference points.


Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick is a huge inspiration to many people, personally what inspires me is the use of strange subject matter to tell an ambigious story whilst creating timeless pieces of film. 


See more of Nick’s work here


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