Mélanie Imbert

Mélanie Imbert

Graphic designer

By Karin Idering

Mélanie Imbert is a Paris-based freelance graphic designer and previous student at ECV – École de Communication Visuelle, where she specialised in corporate design & artistic direction. She mostly creates abstract digital art mixed with paint and ink, and has recently started to experiment with ceramics sculptures. 

The Big 5

Mélanie’s Top Inspirations

Joan Mitchell

When I discovered her work, especially the pastels, it was like a revelation to me. I want to find emotions and dynamisms in my own practice as strong as hers.


Albert Oehlen

He is a real source of inspiration and a huge influence. I remember the project he created on his computer in the 90’s. This collection is a master piece. I had the chance to see on of his paintings myself at the Brandhorst Museum in Munich, it was really bluffing. 


Jean-Francois Lepage

Each photograph he made tells a romantic story. I love his ability to work with different techniques and always remain in-between reality and fiction. When I look at his pictures I feel like I’m in a dream.


Felix Pfäffli

His graphic design is inspirational. He has the ability to play with typography and graphics shapes like no one. Certainly one of my biggest influence at the moment in terms of graphic design.


Felipe Pantone

When I first saw his work it was like a real chock. He creates such great performances and design. He has a powerful style and a real sense of the scenography.


View more of Mélanie’s work here.


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