Karan Singh

Karan Singh: Artist and Illustrator

By Karin Idering

Karan Singh is a Tokyo-based self-taught artist that focus on visual arts, print and illustration. Drawing inspiration from graphic design sensibilities and op-art, his work is a playful and vibrant interpretation of minimalism, focusing on depth and dimension through pattern and repetition. 

The Big 5:

Karan’s Top Inspirations

They were hugely inspirational to me when I first began digital illustration, from their letters and forms to colour schemes and characters.
I’ve always admired the elegance and restraint of Marimekko. Their ability to consistently create timeless work is something I’m always in awe of. 
Bon Iver 
I adore Justin Vernon’s music, especially ’22, A Million’. I loved his approach of completely abandoning a working formula in search of something new, experimental and challenging. The fact he also made it sound good is something special. 

Andrew Archer 
Andrew is a good friend and illustrator based in Melbourne. The way he creates mood in a scene through unconventional colours and delicate composition is divine.
Yusuke Kamekura
Kamekura’s effortless approach to simplicity in his work where every element is considered and deliberate is brilliant. 

See more of Karan’s work here


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