Graphic Designer

By Karin Idering

Bnomio, a.k.a Jose Luis Perez Ramos, is a Madrid-based multidisciplinary designer and illustrator born in 1977. He’s been working for 15+ years in adverting and with a variety of projects, focusing on graphic design, art direction and illustration.


The Big 5

Bnomio’s Top Inspirations


Mike Giant

Mike Giant is an illustrator, graffiti and tattoo artist. I love his illustrations and the idea of not using colors, only black and white.




Old School Skate Graphics 

Old school skate graphics from Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Vision etc was my first real inspiration when I started drawing.


Secret Societies & Symbology

I like the mystery, magic and energy behind all this stuff (freemasonry, Egypt).

Traditional Tattoos

Traditional Tattoos are my starting point when I searching for reference.


Jerry Lorenzo

Jerry Lorenzo is a LA based fashion designer and owner of the brand Fear Of God. He changes the fashion game with his vision mixing 80’s and 90’s style with influences of grunge and hip hop.


Images of the artist by Juanma Jmse. See more of Bnomio’s work here


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